If you’re looking for the best in care for your furry friend then look no further than Dogwood Veterinary Hospital & Pet Resort in Chapel Hill.  We are a dedicated team of pet lovers who can make sure that when your cat or dog is in need of a comfy stay, a good grooming session or proper medical care that they can get it at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital & Pet Resort. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look for yourself! Upon arrival we like to greet you and your pet(s) with a bright and welcoming environment. It’s always good to set a positive first impression and we aim to do that here.

Dog Painting at Dogwood Doggy Daycare
We like to keep it colorful and positive inside our facility too. Here is a sneak peak of what goes on behind the scenes.
We have some of the coziest grooming rooms, and when coupled with our excellent staff we make sure that your pet will be as comfortable as possible during their stay.spa room 2Vet vist
spa room 2
If you are leaving your loved one with us for an extended stay, we make sure they get lots of exercise with our employees and other furry guests as well.Our staff truly loves animals, so rest easy while you’re away from your companion, knowing that he or she is being treated with the same amount of love they would receive at home.baording #2
licking face daycare
Here we have one of our staff members, Laura, having fun in our doggie pool with a cuddly guest.We know it can get hot this summer, especially with so much outdoor space to run around in, which is why we offer some of the nicest amenities in town for your dog to stay cool while having fun.
doggie pool
Splashtime Laura 2
Tyrion- cat in boarding
And don’t worry, we have wonderful rooms, toys, and affection for feline friends as well. Here is one of our guests, Tyrion, hanging out in one of our many cat boarding rooms.
With nooks, crannies, toys and more all over the place, we make sure your cat really enjoys his or her time at Dogwood.
cat boarding room
boarding room
We like to have fun with our décor, so we have playful themes for our boarding rooms. With bright colors, fun toys and comfy beds we make sure our guests are always enjoying their stay and being treated like the loveable friends they are. Here are some pictures of our themed Elephant, Gorilla and Toucan rooms where you can see some of our happy puppy pals enjoying their stay.
So you’ve seen our virtual tour of the experience Dogwood has to offer. We hope you enjoyed it and that it has inspired you to bring your own pet in for a check-up or an overnight “staycation” soon. At Dogwood Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort we are pet owners ourselves as well as being veterinary professionals, which make us perfect for taking care of and loving your animal when you need someone else to step in for a little bit. Give us a call or check us out at www.dogwoodvethospital.com today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment today.boarding room
boarding room 3