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Taking Care of Your Pet’s Teeth for Life

Is your pet getting proper dental care? Dentists recommend people brush their teeth twice a day and get a professional cleaning twice a year, but did you know many pets need dental care just as much as you do?

80% of dogs and more than 50% of cats over the age of three have some type […]

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Finding Spa Services for Your Pet

Finding Spa Services for Your Pet

We know how rejuvenating a spa session can be for humans, but did you know it could be just as enjoyable for your pet? Spa services such as grooming and bathing help keep your dog or cat neat, clean and smelling fresh. They can also help keep your pet […]

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Summer travel tips from the dog

Don’t you just love summer vacation? I like the mountains (did I mention I am a 90-pound Labrador Retriever?), but when my people head for the beach, I prefer to vacation with my buddies at a boarding kennel – it’s like summer camp for me!

A seasoned traveler, I have a few tips for my pet […]

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Why cat videos are good for you

According to a new study from Indiana University, there’s more to be gained from watching cat videos than a few LOLs. Researchers found that watching cat videos can actually boost energy levels, heighten positive emotions, and decrease negative emotions.

It seems like a strange topic for scientific inquiry, but when you consider that cat videos are […]

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Cats in the Car: Tips on Transporting Your Cat to the Veterinary Hospital

Here’s a quiz for you.

Even though there are more cats than dogs in the US, veterinarians see more dogs in their hospitals than cats for which of the following reasons?

A. Cats don’t like the ride to the veterinary clinic

B. Cat owners don’t like the stress of dealing with a stressed-out cat

C. Cats are good at […]

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