Keeping Your Dog Inside—But Active During Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for pet lovers and their dogs. When the temperatures drop, it can be too cold or icy for you or your pooch to go for a walk or a romp in the park. This can be doubly difficult if you go on vacation or travel, and can’t let your [...]

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Our Dogwood Vet Pet Referral Program

If you’re a pet lover in the Chapel Hill area, chances are you’re familiar with Dogwood Veterinary Hospital and Pet Resort. We provide medical services, oral and dental care, surgical services, laser therapy, doggy daycare, pet resort and pet spa to our furry friends. Just in time for the holidays, we’d like to make sure [...]

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Preventative Care To Extended The Life of Your Dog

As humans we do what we can to extend our lives. It’s recommended we take preventative health care measures so we can see the golden years of our lives. The same measures can be taken with your dog, extending its life five or more years even when proper steps are followed. Here are three simple [...]

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Your Pet’s Prescriptions Delivered to Your Door

It’s 2015 and thanks to technology like the internet, apps and smartphones, more and more products are being delivered right to your doorstep with a simple click. Your pet’s prescriptions aren’t any different. With Dogwood Veterinary Hospital & Pet Resort delivery prescriptions, Rx and medicine, we can deliver your pet’s medication right to your door. [...]

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Pamper Your Pet at a Pet Resort—Even When You’re Away

Everyone wants a vacation or an occasional weekend away to recharge, relax and get pampered. But how do you go away, guilt free, knowing you’re leaving your pet behind? For many pets, being left at home, even for a day or two is not the answer. Who will walk your dog? Who will make sure [...]

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4 Important Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Whether you have a dog or a cat, you’ll need to decide if and when to get your pet spayed or neutered so they will not be able to reproduce. In female pets, spaying is an operation that removes the uterus and ovaries. In male pets, neutering is a surgical process that removes the testicles. [...]

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“People” Foods That Are Dangerous For Your Dog

Most of us enjoy giving our dog a treat from the table.  But those treats might be worse than just unhealthy. They might be deadly. Pet physiology is different than ours. That may seem obvious, but because we think of our pets as members of the family, we sometimes forget they’re not human. They don’t [...]

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Home Away From Home: Doggy Day Care in Chapel Hill

You may be familiar with boarding your pet if you have to go out of town for an extended period of time, but what if you’re just gone during the day? Dogs are sociable creatures and can get lonely when no one is home. That’s understandably when the mischief starts as Fido tries to amuse [...]

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